About Us

About Lion IT

Where did Lion IT started

Lion It has been founded in December 2013 by a small, knit-team of technology enthusiasts.
The initial goal of Lion IT was to allow every customer to buy “custom-tailored” computer systems, regardless of their specific technical level and without all the useless “salesman’s tricks” (ever found yourself with a useless printer after buying your PC?).

We succeeded and, by the end of July 2014, the first iteration of our computer builder was online…

The Yiynova inception

We were not happy yet. We needed to use professional graphic tools in our daily tasks and the quest to find something offering professional quality at an affordable price began.

We spent months, trying products from different manufacturers but never finding the quality we were expecting.
Either we were greatly overpaying something working, or we were paying the right price for some technologically advanced junk.
Worst of all, we dealt with many manufacturers that proved to be unwilling to improve their products when issues were reported or, even worse, not willing to provide any warranty cover whatsoever! That speaks clearly about the average quality we received.

Enter Yiynova.
Their products received stellar reviews all around the globe and when we contacted them we received the best vibes ever!
Not only they were offering quality products for reasonable prices, but were dealing with all the issues and questions we were presenting at them in an exceptional way!
They also proven to be one of the few companies actively investing in R&D and improving their products following customers feedbacks.
That’s the kind of products we want to provide and, after a few months of testings and negotiations, we started providing Yiynova products to the Australian market in February 2015 as Exclusive distributor.

From February 2016 we have obtained the Exclusive distribution agreement for the New Zealand market as well.
Hold on Kiwi friends! The days of overpaying your pen displays are gone!

The Future

Our quest to provide the highest possible performance/value to our customers continue endlessly.
We are revising our computer builder to provide even better results. It is a long term project, as we are rewriting it entirely from scratch.

We are also exploring new verticals and, as the team grows, we takes on more complex and niche products.
More will come! 😀

Where to buy Yiynova products around the world

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